Padlock Necklace


A simple padlock on a 18″ delicate cable chain that can be worn by adults and kids will love as well! Available in 14K gold and gold-filled.

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Sizes: 18 inch delicate cable chain

Material: 14K gold or gold filled

Clasp 14K gold or gold filled

Gold-filled components contain 100x more gold than gold-plated components and can last a lifetime with proper wear and care. Gold-filled is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded to another material, usually brass or silver.


Gold is a soft metal: It can scratch or break easily if not handled properly. We recommend removing rings and bracelets while exercising or using harsh chemicals. We also recommend taking jewelry off at night to reduce breakage.

Gold and water: Chlorine is very damaging to gold jewelry, and repeated exposure can lead to your jewelry breaking. Be sure to remove your jewelry before swimming. Wearing jewelry while you shower/bathe can lead to soap buildup, which leaves a film on your stones and gold.

Beauty products and lotions can damage your gold. We recommend putting your jewelry on last to limit exposure to chemicals.


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